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This webpage provides templates, samples and instructions for developing local early childhood interagency agreements and collaborative procedures that can be adapted as desired to meet local needs.

Templates and Samples

Template for Local Early Childhood Interagency Agreement provides required and suggested wording that teams can use to address the following:

  • Section I - Purpose, Guiding Principles and Goals of this Community Collaboration
  • Section II - Participating Organizations with Contact Persons
  • Section III - Applicable Legal Requirements
  • Section IV - Areas of Agreement
    • Collaboration Area: Public Awareness, Child Find, and Screening Activities
    • Collaboration Area: Quality Services for ALL Children
    • Collaboration Area: Transition and Continuity
    • Collaboration Area: Family Involvement and Support
    • Collaboration Area: Confidentiality
    • Collaboration Area: Resource Sharing
    • Collaboration Area: Personnel Standards and Professional Development
    • Collaboration Area: Data Collection and Sharing
    • Collaboration Area: Other
  • Section V - Mechanisms for Coordinating Agreement Implementation, Decision-Making and Dispute Resolution
  • Section VI - Monitoring, Evaluation and Program Improvement
  • Section VII - Agreement Effective Date, Renewal, Amendment and Termination
  • Section VIII - Signatures

Template for Collaborative Procedures provides a template with a chart format for developing collaborative procedures for implementing the various collaboration areas addressed in the interagency agreement.

Collaborative Procedures For Transitions into and out of the WV Pre-K System is a sample of how collaborative procedures can be developed using a chart format provided on the Template for Collaborative Procedures that can be accessed on this site.

Transition Procedures From Part C To Part B Under The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a sample of how collaborative procedures can be developed using a narrative format.

Transition Procedures From Part C To Early Head Start/Head Start is a sample of how collaborative procedures can be developed using a narrative format.

Template for Resource Sharing is a template in a chart format for articulating resources to be shared by each of the participating agencies. It can be used or modified to address local circumstances. For example, this Resource Sharing Agreement Template can be used as a tool for planning resource sharing that can then be formalized as contracts pursuant to WV Board of Education Policy 2525.