Web-Based Resources for Transition

Child Notification Forms Q and A

Transition Checklist - The checklist supports young children and families as they transition to and from a variety of settings. Use of this checklist is mandated by the WV Department of Education, Universal Access to Pre-kindergarten System (Policy 2525).

Transition Brochure - This brochure contains information on resources to support agencies in preparing young children and families as they transition from one program or service to another.

WV Side-by-Side Description of Agency Responsibilities - This 3 column chart lists legal requirements under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part C (for WV Birth to Three); IDEA, Part B (for preschool special education), and Head Start Performance Standards. Requirements are organized according to 12 areas of collaboration: (1) family involvement; (2) child outreach/child find; (3) service eligibility; (4) individual program planning; (5) primary and related services; (6) service delivery; (7) resource sharing; (8) transition; (9) confidentiality; (10) records transfer; (11) joint staff training; and (12) sharing child count data.

WV Early Childhood Community Collaboration Strategies - This is a companion document to the legal side-by-side which identifies effective practice for community collaboration around various areas of collaboration including Transition.

Forms Required by WV Birth To Three - Link to required WV Birth to Three Forms.

Part C to Part B Transition Procedures - Link to transition procedures.

National Early Childhood Transition Center Website