How Do I Get Started?

Please use the registration form to register. Feel free to copy the registration form for EACH INDIVIDUAL person. Please do not use one form for an entire agency or program.

Please indicate a first, second and third choice of workshops. If you only indicate ONE choice and that workshop is FULL, you will be assigned a workshop by the conference committee. Therefore, it is imperative you indicate alternative choices to ensure you will receive a workshop that is valuable to you.

Please fill out the registration form completely. Make sure you list a complete address or we will not be able to mail your name badge and confirm your registration.

Please write the appropriate session letter and number found at the beginning of each workshop description.

What Happens if My Workshop Is Full?

When your first choice workshop is full, you will receive your second choice, if possible. If your second choice is also full, your third choice will be assigned.

How Do I Know What Workshops I Am Registered to Attend?

You will receive your name badge in the mail after you register. On the name badge, you will find your workshop assignments. If the workshops you are assigned were not your first choice, please understand your first choice was not available.

What Are the Payment Procedures?

Registrations WILL NOT be processed without FULL PAYMENT (check, credit card, money order or purchase order). Payment MUST accompany your registration form or your registration will be mailed back to you UNPROCESSED. If you are attending the conference from an agency who has a central accounting office, please advise the office that payment or purchase order must be received with registration(s). Purchase orders must be paid upon receipt of invoice.

When sending payment, please indicate the name(s) of the participant(s) that are included in the payment. We want to make sure the correct participant(s) are credited.

Please make payment to: River Valley Child Development Services (RVCDS). NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED THIS YEAR!

What Are the Benefits of Registering Early?

Registering early not only helps ensure workshop selections, but is also the greatest savings. You can save up to $50.00 by registering early! Early registration deadline is provided on registration form. Registrations must be POSTMARKED by this date or they will be returned UNPROCESSED. If your registration is unprocessed, you need to bring your registration and payment with you to the conference for on-site registration.

What Do I Do if I Am Registering After the Deadline?

You need to bring the registration form and payment fees with you to the conference for on-site registration. Any registration forms sent to the WVECTCR office after the deadline, will be returned UNPROCESSED.

What Does the Registration Fee Include?

Registration fees include admission to conference workshops, Exhibit Hall and keynote presentations. The fee also includes your name badge and tote bag.

Where Do I Send My Registration?

Please complete the registration form, attach payment, and send to WVECTCR, Attn: Celebrating Connection, 611 Seventh Ave., Ste. 322, Huntington, WV 25701.

What Is the Cancellation/Refund Policy?

Cancellation or refund requests must be written and signed (fax accepted). A $10 processing fee is assessed if received by Feb. 28, a $15 processing fee if received between March 1-10, and a $25 fee if received between March 11-14. No refunds available after March 15. The only exception will be if a state of emergency is issued by the Governor. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Checks returned constitute failure to register and result in return of registration materials. You may re-register by cash or money order. Bank charges incurred by Training Connections must be included. Purchase orders constitute payment and are subject to the refund policy.

Where Do I Pick Up Conference Items?

At the conference, the PRE-REGISTERED LINE will be designated for people who have already received name badges and confirmation letters. The ON-SITE REGISTRATION LINE will be for people who need to register onsite. The HELP LINE will be for people who have questions or need to request a new name badge. There will also be a STIPEND LINE for those receiving stipends.